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Moebius Syndrome is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability tomove the eyes from side to side. Most people with Moebius syndrome are born with facial paralysis, which means they cannot close their eyes or form facial expressions. Limb and chest wall abnormalities sometimes occur with the syndrome. Most people with Moebius syndrome have normal intelligence, and others should take care not to confuse their lack of facial expression with dullness or unfriendliness. It is named for Paul Jullius Mobius, a neurologist who first described the syndrome in 1888.  [Read More]



The mission of the Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome is to create a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children with Moebius Syndrome by educating the general public and spreading global awareness. Our current board members are Kevin Lockwood, Will Harrison, Kacie Brailsford, Gavin Fouche, and Tim Smith.


The History of MFOMS:   [CLICK HERE]